Bringing affordable healthcare to make sure you’re work ready!

Comprehensive HMO

Bringing comprehensive healthcare coverages curated just for you!


GP Consultations

Free unlimited GP consults in accredited clinics.

Specialist Consultations

Get consults with specialists capped at 400.

Dental Check Up & Procedures

FREE dental check ups in accredited clinics with a 10% Discount on dental procedures.

Lab & Diagnostic Services

Get a 10% Discount on lab and diagnostic services.

Comprehensive HMO

Comprehensive Healthcare Coverages

Full suite coverages inclusive of Inpatient & Outpatient Care, Wellness ProgramsPreventive & Emergency CareCOVID Package, and so much more!

Tech Enabled

Onboard / Offboard your employees, File Claims, Access your benefits, and get a Direct Line to our Support Teams in one API-ready platform.

Curated To Your Needs

Customize your benefits according to what you and your workers need.

Room & Board

Flexible Maximum Benefit Limits and Room Types.

Need something more personalized?

We offer custom packages tailor fit for your workers and business needs. Let us work with you to build the right benefits and incentives.

Frequently Asked Questions

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