Gigacover builds financial services for independent workers

Gigacover exists to create a fair and financially stable ecosystem for independent workers. We right-size financial services and deliver them to the under-banked and under-protected gig workers and freelancers. We believe that independent workers should be free to “be their own boss” and have control over their lives.

Who Are We?

Gigacover was founded in 2017 to bring fairness and stability to independent workers. These include gig workers, freelancers and self-employed persons, many of whom lack access to right-sized financial services. 

The company was founded in Singapore and launched the region’s first income protection insurance to meet the needs of the gig economy. Since then, Gigacover has gone on to serve caregivers, tutors, real estate agents and delivery riders.

Gigacover’s product suite has also expanded to include earnings advances and payroll accounts. Through technology and data, Gigacover automates distribution, administration and generates insights for risk management in order to bring flexible, affordable and portable benefits to its users. 

As of 2021, Gigacover has presence in Singapore,  Indonesia and Philippines and is supported by Vectr Fintech Partners, Quest Venture Partners, Farsight Capital and Alto Partners.

Notable Achievements & News

Gigacover Named Top Global InsurTechs in 2020

The Insurtech 100 is a celebration of the leading startups and scaleups across insurance, worldwide. This award is recognition that we are building a business and technology that is innovative and transformational.

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Gojek S’pore’s Insurance Partner Gigacover Secures Funding To Expand To SEA

Gigacover, which covers Gojek’s driver-partners, will use the funding to strengthen their flexible insurance for the gig economy.

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Homage and Gigacover Partner to Launch Healthcare Benefits for Care Professionals

Gigacover Essentials healthcare benefits programme will enable Homage’s Care Professionals and their dependents to access quality healthcare across Singapore.

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Gigacover extends free Covid-19 coverage to insured freelancers, Gojek drivers

The Gigacover income protection insurance policies will now provide cover to insured freelancers for Covid-19 related stay-home notice (SHN) and leave of absence (LOA).

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OrangeTee partners with Gigacover to launch Healthcare benefits for all its associates

OrangeTee & Tie, one of Singapore’s largest real estate agencies, today announced its partnership with Singapore-based insurtech start-up Gigacover, to launch Gigacover Essentials for all its 4,400 real estate associates and staff.

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Go-Jek and Gigacover launch income protection cover for drivers

Ride-hailing firm Go-Jek has partnered with Singaporean start-up GigaCover to provide income protection cover for its drivers and allow all them to receive standard earnings protection coverage of SG$80 per day.

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For the under-banked and under-protected independent worker


A fair and financially stable ecosystem for independent workers.

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