Financially securing the rising gig economy

We partner with different businesses, groups, and organizations to provide the Informal workforce with access to comprehensive, affordable, and tailored worker benefits and incentives.

Get the safety net tailored for your day to day

Choose from our affordable packages or let us customize it for you!

Our Partners

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What We Offer

Comprehensive suites of products for workers

Gigacover provides a wide range of flexible options for Filipinos to stabilize their cash flow

Tailor-fit products for businesses

For businesses powered by contractors or gig workers, Gigacover powers growth by enabling a seamless rollout of benefits and incentives

All-around benefits for your protection

We cover all sides and provide products covering health, life, vehicles, and parcels

Affordable prices made for Filipinos

We enable growth and protection for Filipinos without breaking their pockets

Our Products


Enjoy FREE consults and discounted rates for various procedures


Protect your business, your workers, and your customers


Access your earnings quicker and more seamlessly