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Motor Excess Reduction

AA cost-effective way for you to remove the financial risk that you face with high deductible values on motor insurance policies.

Why choose Motor Excess Reduction?

Low total deductibles rate

Reduce your deductibles to as low as PHP 250 per month should any of your vehicles encounter an accident.

One policy covers all vehicles

Flexible declaration of the number of vehicles covered in one insurance. Purchase a policy befitting your business needs and declare no minimum number of vehicles in the inclusion.

What’s included with Motor Excess Reduction?

Less Financial Risk in Accidents

Increase protection for your vehicles and only compensate a total deductible payable of as low as PHP 500 + VAT.

Super Affordable Rate

Affordable rate for as low as PHP 8 per day to get all your vehicles insured.

Hassle-Free Processing

Experience a fast and dependable arrangement in processing your claims in the event of an accident.

Ready to upgrade your benefits with Motor Excess Reduction?

Let’s create an inclusive benefits program and insurance coverage for your business