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Comprehensive Employee Benefits

Coverage for overall health. Our HMO Program is designed to be cost-effective but still comprehensive to ensure the peace of mind of your workers.

Why choose Comprehensive Employee Benefits?

1600+ hospitals and clinics

Get access to top-of-the-line health facilities of the country’s foremost health care service provider.

Coverage for dependents

Give your team the option to extend their healthcare coverage to up to 3 other dependents.

Health card and e-card for everyone

Convenient access to your benefits with the options of a physical health card and E-card!

Seamless tech integration

Manage your employees, file claims, access your benefits, and get a direct line to our support team in one API-ready platform.

What’s included with Comprehensive Employee Benefits?

Inpatient and Outpatient Care

Comprehensive health coverages from general consultations to hospitalization and treatments with no extra cost.

Emergency and Preventive Care

Keep yourself in tip-top shape with annual physical exams and regular health screenings, plus get immediate treatment for medical emergencies.

Customizable Room and Board Options

Get access to different Room and Board options including in the country’s Top 6 hospitals.

Flexible Maximum Benefit Limit

Fully-customizable maximum benefit limits to get you and your team protected within your business means.

Ready to upgrade your benefits with Comprehensive Employee Benefits?

Let’s create an inclusive benefits program and insurance coverage for your business