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Affordable healthcare coverage. Care for your team and their general health by making sure that you got the essentials covered.

Why choose essentials?

Top-of-the-line health facilities

Get access to top-of-the-line health facilities of the country’s foremost health care service provider.

Dedicated e-card for everyone

Say goodbye to card replacements! We provide a dedicated E-card for each member of your team to access their benefits.

Why choose essentials?

General Physician Consultations

Free unlimited General Physician consults in accredited hospitals and clinics.

Specialist Consultations

Get consults with Specialists capped at PHP 400.

Dental Checkup and Procedures

Free dental checkups in accredited hospitals and clinics, plus up to 10% discounts on dental procedures.

Lab and Diagnostic Services

Lab and Diagnostic Services

Ready to upgrade your benefits with Essentials?

Let’s create an inclusive benefits program and insurance coverage for your business