Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

*Rented vehicles only. This product is only applicable to drivers/riders with rental contracts (verification of excess payable is required upon claim submission)

Worry Free Protection For The Journey!

Pay as low as $500 excess when you get in an accident, from under $3/day.

Pay less in an Accident

Hassle Free

Super Affordable

  1. Pay a reduced excess of $500-$1,000 to your rental company in case of an accident.
  2. Gigacover will pay your excess directly to your rental company
  3. Our super attentive and helpful claims processing team will assist you all the way.
  4. Manage your policy and submit claims on our web portal
  5. We offer a very flexible rate from as low as $1/day depending on your contract excess.

How It Works

Mr Tan is a Private Hire Driver that rents his vehicle from XYZ Rental Pte Ltd. XYZ Rental requires Mr Tan to pay $2000 for own damage & $2000 for third party damage if he gets into an accident.

Mr Tan gets into an accident where he hits another vehicle. Mr Tan’s vehicle is damaged, and the other party claims against XYZ Rental’s motor insurance policy

Own Damage Excess

$2,000 + GST


3rd Party Excess

$2,000 + GST


Total Excess Payable

$4,000 + GST