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Know Your Benefits

Fastgig workers are entitled to the following benefits and services.
Essentials Enjoy a $12 general consult rate and up to 30% discounted rates for dental & medical procedures.
Third Party Liability
FastGig and Gigacover are working together to promote safety. It is both partners’ top priority to ensure that all Giggers and the members of the public will always be safe when Giggers are working.
Coverage Covers all FastGig Giggers on any Accident for up to $1,000,000 per event or any one occurrence such as:

  1. When you hit a person
  2. Damage property
  3. Hit or scratch a car

Coverage is extended to all eligible FastGig Giggers except when Workers are on their motorised vehicle where mandatory commercial motor insurance is required.

Excess There is a $1,000 excess for each and every claim