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Know Your Benefits

Gojek workers are entitled to the following benefits and services.
Freelancer Earnings Protection (FLEP) Get paid up to $80 per day when you are unable to work due to prolonged injuries or illnesses.

See below for detailed benefits each driver-partners of different tiers are entitled to!

Personal Accident Get protection and receive compensation when you get injured that caused permanent disability.
Critical Illness Receive a one-time lump-sum payout benefit when you are diagnosed with one of the 37 critical illnesses.
Essentials Enjoy free annual health screening, $12 general consult rate and up to 30% discounted rates for dental & medical procedures

FLEP Benefits

Tiers Elite Pro Premium & Classic
Premium Payable Fully-covered Fully-covered Subsidised premiums of 15% discount
Daily Payout Rate 80% of income 60% of income Eligible for 15% discount for self purchase

Fixed payout of $80/day

Minimum Daily Payout $50 $50
Maximum Daily Payout $80 $80
Coverage 14 days of outpatient medical leave with 5 days excess
60 days of hospitalisation leave with 1 day excess
Additional Coverage Quarantine Orders/Isolation Orders are covered under outpatient medical leave

Subject to Terms and Conditions