Flexible commercial insurance for your business

We combine products, services, and our technology platform to protect your operations and workforce.

Freelancer Earnings Protection (FLEP)

Get covered under our Freelancer Earnings Protection and get paid up to $80 per day when you are unable to work due to prolonged injuries or illnesses.

Starting from $0.70/day

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Reduce your excess payment to $500 when your rented vehicle gets into an accident.

Starting from $1/day

Our Client Partners

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What We Offer

Comprehensive suite of products for individuals

Gigacover creates a range of options for independent workers to stabilise their finances.

Tailor-fit products for businesses

For businesses powered by contractors, Gigacover powers growth by enabling easily rolled out incentives.

All-around benefits for your protection

We cover benefits from health promotion and protection to life and death insurance.

Affordable prices made for Gig workers

We enable growth and protection through prices for the gig workers.

Our Products


Enjoy a $12 general consult rate and up to 30% discounted rates for dental & medical procedures!


Get paid up to $80 per day when you are unable to work due to injuries or illnesses.


Pay as low as $500 excess when you get into an accident.