Accelerate and fill the gaps in your digital roadmap with our software.

We offer customizable modules and tools built on modern open source software. They are quick to customize, setup, deploy and easy for your team to takeover when required.

Deploy insurance-ready microsites within days.

Our microsites come built with products, pricing, underwriting, KYC and fulfillment.

Launch your new concept today.


Why use our microsites?

Go to market fast.

No dependency to your existing environment

Our microsites sit outside your current ecosystem, there is no risk or dependency on legacy systems.

Full-stack out of the box

Our microsites are built for insurance products. You can get started within 2-4 weeks.
"Our microsite was a quick way to launch our new product with a streamlined user journey without extensive integrations into legacy systems."

Generate high-quality leads from your user base.

We have successfully generated more than 8,000 leads from our user base.

Use our marketing and technology stack to achieve similar results.

Increase in conversion
Increase in partner brand recall
Reduction in lead wastage
"Through effective warm-up engagement, we were able to drive higher conversion rates for our new savings plans"
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You get the same battle-tested software and services that power our affinity business.

Platform Operators

We offer Freelancer Earnings Protection to ride-hailing and food delivery companies to power their incentive programs.

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Fleet Operators

We offer Motor Excess Reduction to drivers and vehicle fleet operators to reduce risk and generate new revenue streams.

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We build and run microsites for insurers, accelerating their digital roadmaps while internal tech resources are backlogged.

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