Transform your affinity insurance programs with our specialised domain capabilities.

Our team of experts can help you with engineering capabilities as well captive self-insurance programs.

Fine-tune domain specific Large Language Models

We take pre-trained LLMs and fine-tune them on our proprietary data. We then trained them on your organisation's internal data to create an LLM specific to your needs and domain expertise.


Outsource non-core engineering

Outsource your non-core engineering to focus on your core intellectual property

Quality Assurance as-a-service

Our assurance specialists are trained in financial product language and workflows.

DevOps as-a-service

Our DevOps engineers can scale and monitor your production environment to offer 24/7 uptime.
We were able to save significant costs by running our quality assurance workflows with a team trained on financial products

Self-insure your protection programs.

We advice and setup your program.

We run your claims processing.

You save cost.

Overall savings
Faster claims payouts
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You get the same battle-tested software and services that power our affinity business.

Platform Operators

We offer Freelancer Earnings Protection to ride-hailing and food delivery companies to power their incentive programs.

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Fleet Operators

We offer Motor Excess Reduction to drivers and vehicle fleet operators to reduce risk and generate new revenue streams.

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We build and run microsites for insurers, accelerating their digital roadmaps while internal tech resources are backlogged.

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